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Brick Patios
Retaining Walls

Before on the left, After on the right.

Top Picture here is before while we started working on it, and bottom is the after we were just about done.

Before picture on the left, after on the right.

Deck before on the left, paver patio after on the right.

We offer landscape lighting as well, LED hardscaping complete with conduit and transformer. Lights come on at dusk automatically.

We work with concrete too! Here is a picture of a concrete countertop project we worked on.

In this picture you can see the sink was installed, and the framing for the other counter in the background.

We weren't worried about staining the drywall since a backsplash will be installed before this remodel is complete. Normally we would tape off the wall to prevent staining.

Front Before. Notice the tons of sand and damage from the construction.

Front After. Removed sand, regraded yard to pitch away from the house, and installed sod.

Backyard Before. The cable line needed to be installed underground.

Backyard After











After with Cedar Screen Room

Retaining wall with telephone poles!

Once we get it backfilled, we'll cut off the tops of the main supports so from the house side looking out, you won't even know it's there.

Topside view of backfilled telephone wall.

After carefully removing retaining wall block, you can see the concrete wall holding the driveway together is failing. It's separated resulting in cracks in the asphalt.

We carefully cut away the driveway, removed the broken wall, and dug down and behind the wall to get a proper footing poured.

After we poured the footing, we created forms for the wall pour. We also wanted to install a drain on the backside of the wall to relieve water pressure.

Now that we have the drain tile installed, and the forms removed, we need to backfill the new wall.

Here is a shot of the back showing that the drain goes through the footing and out the back side of the wall.

Here we backfilled the wall, and compacted behind it. The drain comes up to the surface, and we'll cut flush once the asphalt is poured.

Finished product. Now the customer can safely park his vehicles in his driveway!

This customer's yard used to be a forest. She had a tree service remove large trees, and we came through to grade it, and remove roots, stumps and the like to prepare it for grass seed.

Here it is seeded and strawed. The crescent cutout will be for a future pool installation, and a deck will sit above.

Here's a job where we installed decks onto an apartment building.

Here's an example where we can cover existing stoops by building around them. We backfill, and lay brick on top, and you never know it's there.

We also can fix fire pits. The heat will generally crack the concrete over a number of years, and this is a shot of some new brick with some existing to bring this fire pit back to life.