Services Offered
Brick Patios
Retaining Walls

Multi tiered Patio with a firepit and integrated hot tub. We designed this one from start to finish.

We Installed a composite TREX Deck and railing system with a front Paver patio with columns complete with lights.

Notice the inlay of grey pavers outlining the walkway portion of the patio.

The sky was so pretty in this picture.

Many intricate cuts for the inlay here.

The Front porch is concrete. The builder installed the front porch and a concrete walkway. We replaced the concrete walkway, and installed the bricks directly over the porch.

The stoop still exists under the brick stairs. It's Square, but we've built around it. Also, to the right of the stairs is a large concrete patio under the brick. Instead of removing it, we left it and laid brick on top.

The concrete patio extends as far as the shed in the left side of this picture. Mind you it's underneath the brick, but we recovered it and provided a greater pitch for water run off.

Nice sitting wall capped off with Bluestone.

Bluestone Caps and Treads (Thermal)

Polymeric sand laid and sprayed, cutting is all complete. Just over 400 sq. ft. of patio, and over 40 linear feet of retaining wall including stairs.

Plant design I cannot take credit for, although I'd like to!